What is a straight life insurance policy? Straight life insurance is more commonly known as whole life insurance. Straight life insurance has level premiums you pay until death or until the policy is considered paid in full. Once you pass, the death benefit amount is then paid to your chosen beneficiary or beneficiaries. This differsContinue reading “FAQ”

What is equity ?

What is equity ? Equity funds are those mutual funds that primarily invest in stocks. You invest your money in the fund via SIP or lumpsum which then invests it in various equity stocks on your behalf. The consequent gains or losses accrued in the portfolio affect your fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV). Of course,Continue reading “What is equity ?”

Is you have adequate life insurance ?

Is you have adequate life insurance ? Most consumers unsure if they have adequate life insurance coverage for family. A majority of consumers lack confidence that their life insurance coverage is enough for their beneficiaries, according to a new survey from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).